The excellent architectural preservation at Oursi hu-beero is one of many exciting discoveries. An enormous fire has destroyed the building, leaving the inhabitants no time to collect their possessions. While excavating, it seemed that the mudbricks were fired prior to the construction. However, closer examination has revealed that the final fire has caused this condition. Exceptional, but not surprising considering the large fragments of roof debris, were the rectangular pillars in the middle of almost every room. Except for the western part of the complex all rooms were roofed. Large wooden beams were placed from the walls to the pillar and closed with a 20cm layer of clay. This heavy construction work needed these massive pillars. Material culture found on top of the fallen roof fragments, shows that the upper floor was in use as living area. Especially during the dry season, it was probably more favourable as working and sleeping place than the dark, sticky basement area. The walls and pillars were constructed with sun-dried mudbricks, showing a large variety in size. Whereas the lower side of each brick was even, the upper face shows a clear handprint of the producer. Handprint on mudbrick

Rectangular pillar in middle of room

Plastered bench

Roof fragment with wood impressions