Gully treathening the site
The project Oursi Hu-Beero - Préservation Culturelle et Développement Touristique dans le Sahel Burkinabè (Cultural preservation and tourism development in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso) - was developed by Christoph Pelzer in 2003/ 2004. It was a response to the immediate threat of destruction of the site by erosion, considering the importance of Oursi hu-beero as an archaeological heritage for Burkina Faso and West Africa.

Roofed structures An approach of economic incentives by the development of cultural tourism was added to integrate the local community and make the project sustainable. It consists of a hands-on archaeological site that can be visited and an on site museum that explains the visitor what he is experiencing and ultimately where he is. Both are run by the local community and integrated into Burkina Faso's new decentralized administrative system. On the national level, the OHB project was placed under the authority of the Ministère de la Culture, des Arts et du Tourisme of Burkina Faso and worked on the site from September 2004 to August 2005.


The site and museum